Terra Nil Is A “Reverse City-Builder” Where You Restore The Environment

Devolver Digital announced that they will be publishing Free Lives’ next game, Terra Nil. The developers previously worked on Broforce, the run-and-gun shoot-’em-up where you destroy everything to complete your mission.

Terra Nil is a stark contrast to that. Described as a “reverse city-builder”, you are tasked to reclaim the wasteland. You will need to build facilities that help you clean the water, purify the soil, and then see greenery grow back. From there, you’ll be tackling bigger tasks including fixing biodiversity and the climate.

Ultimately, you’ll have to recycle the very facilities that help you get here, leaving the planet pristine.

City-builders are inherently games where you have to destroy part of the environment to make way for buildings, roads, and for resources. From the pitch, Terra Nil definitely fits the “reverse city-builder” moniker.

Terra Nil has been in the works for a while which started as a hobby project available on itch.io. But this new, commercial version will have more features, content, and also a new art style.

No release date is given (yet) for Terra Nil, but it’s coming to PC via Steam. A demo will be available soon.

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