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Take A Longer Look At FFXV’s Noctis In Tekken 7 With This New Trailer, Coming March 20th

It could've been Kiryu, but this is a good one too


Tekken 7’s second DLC guest character Noctis Lucis Caelum of Final Fantasy XV now has a release date and a longer look with a new gameplay trailer.

The trailer showcases what’s included in the DLC. There’s Noctis, of course, and he comes with plenty of unique costumes as seen in FFXV- the tuxedo, the casual fisherman getup, the kingly rainment, the silly chocobo festival attire and a new hoodie. The Hammerhead station is a new stage coming with the DLC, which has the FFXV cast on the sidelines cheering on.

As for Noctis himself, his moveset is a lot to take in. Mechanics in FFXV like warp strike, magic and various swords he can summon at will are well presented, making him a tricky character to fight against, but should be fun to learn.

The Noctis DLC will be available on March 20th for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.