Survive The Horrors Of Puzzle-Solving With A Friend In Co-Op Only Game Malice

Halloween’s over but the horror games are not stopping. If you are looking for a horror game to play with a friend, precisely one friend, then Malice should intrigue you.

Published by SCRY Soft and developed by Malaysia-based Nimbus Games, Malice has you play as two travellers in modern-day Japan stumbling into a strange place found inside Miryoku-Ji Temple.

From here, you and your partner must work together to escape the dark and terrifying space, and communicate with each other to solve puzzles.

If you like the We Were Here series, or like the idea of horror escape rooms as a video game, it’s worth checking out Malice, so long as you have a willing partner. The game is only playable with two players via online co-op.

Malice is releasing on November 3 on PC via Steam.

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