Street Fighter V Is Testing An Online 3V3 Mode, Open Beta Available For Asia This March

Street Fighter V has received what is possibly the definite edition of the game: Champion Edition. Street Fighter V Champion Edition includes all 40 world warriors (including two new ones: returning bosses Gill and Seth), over 200 costumes and 34 stages. It also includes new V-Skills and balance changes- which is available to everyone who owns the base game.

But that’s not the end of the development it seems. Capcom has been trialing out an online 3V3 teams mode. Previously it was tested in North America and Japan. For the Street Fighter V Tournament Mode Open Beta Test 3, it’s opening up for players across Asia.

Participating in the open beta will net you 10 Fortune Tickets and a special title to put on your online profile; “eSports Player”. More details can be found here.

The Tournament Mode Open Beta 3 starts on Sunday, March 15th from 5-9AM UTC (1PM-5PM Malaysian Time, GMT+8).

If you need a team, you can go find like-minded fighting game players on this Discord channel here. Capcom also suggests using the hashtag #SFVOBT3_Asia_Entry, though don’t expect them to monitor or make arrangements for you. Merely a suggestion.

Street Fighter V Champion Edition is out now on PS4 and PC (Steam).


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