Street Fighter V Adds Gill, Champion Edition (Which Includes All DLCs) Coming Next Year

Street Fighter V isn’t done with content updates just yet. A new character and a new re-release of the game have been announced.

The new character is none other than Gill. The godly man in blue, red and undies from Street Fighter III made a small appearance at the end of Street Fighter V’s Story Mode, but now here he is in playable form.

With Gill comes the first showcase of V-Skill 2. Arcade Edition gave all characters access to a second V-Trigger, and with the coming new Champion Edition, all characters will be getting a second V-Skill. Gill’s V-Skill 2, blocking, is essentially a parry ala Street Fighter III, with the Capcom Unity blog post noting that “it can also be rapidly chained into itself for those ‘Moment #37’ opportunities.” So it obviously is just that.

Gill will be available in December.

The re-release, Street Fighter V Champion Edition, will include all 40 characters (including Gill, plus one more unrevealed character), 34 stages and over 200 costumes. These costumes don’t include the ones from brand collaboration (like the ones with Red Bull branding), Capcom Pro Tour DLCs and costumes earned from the loot box-ish Fighting Chance. This is essentially the Definitive Edition unless Capcom is announcing another season of characters.

Street Fighter V Champion Edition will be out in February 2020 or PS4 and PC (Steam). There is an upgrade kit for owners of other versions of Street Fighter V for a reduce price. All balance changes, including new V-Skill 2 for all characters, will be added for free for everyone, as it should.


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