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Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Announced


Let’s be honest: Street Fighter V’s launch was a miserable one. It felt too barebones- even the online was not barely functioning. But over time, it has gotten better: there’s more characters and stages, but it still has a lot of underlying issues that stops more casual players to play, unless it is packaged as a new release.

But Capcom promised that Street Fighter V will just be one platform with continuous updates. They wanted to stop the need to release new games just to add a few new characters, features and balance changes – a common practice in fighting games which splits up the fanbase.

And so, Capcom just announced Street Fighter V Arcade Edition. This will be an all new release for $30 USD, but existing players will get it as a free update. So that should solve the issue of a fragmented fanbase, everyone wins.

In terms of new features, Arcade Mode will now be finally added- broken up to six different modes representing all the canonical Street Fighter games, along with Extra Battle Mode and some needed UI change. Gameplay has some shakeups as well with the addition of new V-Triggers for all existing characters, providing more options like how previous games providing multiple Supers to choose from.

Small tweaks to the in-game UI is seen here. The borders look sharper and stands out more, giving more clarity.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition will include all 28 characters, including DLC characters from Season 1 and Season 2. This is also a good move, but at the cost of early adopters paying more. These characters are worth two season passes (or a very long time to grind for its in-game currency Fight Money) to unlock.

If you were staying away from the game to wait for a more complete edition, then look forward to the release of Street Fighter V Arcade Edition on January 16, 2018.