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Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Will Also Add New V-Triggers


Street Fighter V will get a huge update and an updated physical release in the form of Arcade Edition. Alongside new UI and an Arcade Mode, there are a few gameplay changes like new V-Skills.

Now we also got the confirmation that there will also be new V-Triggers. Here’s a sneak peek of what they all look like for each character in the current roster:

Street Fighter V’s V-System makes for easier to understand tools that each fighter have, but a lot of the gameplay balance makes each fighter play to one style of play, a big difference to older games where top players can use the same character but with a different playstyle. Hopefully the new V-Skills and V-Triggers will mix things up a bit and offer some tactical choice on choosing which abilities to bring in the match, just like old times.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition will be playable at PSX. The Arcade Edition will arrive as a free update on January 16 to all existing players, while the new physical release will include all Season 1 & 2 DLC characters unlocked.