Streamline Studios Partners Up With Sony For China Hero Project

Sony has been making moves inside China, not only to sell more PS4s, but also support its budding games development scene. Dubbed the China Hero Project, this is Sony’s concentrated effort to help the Chinese studios in producing games by bringing in partners that can provide tools and assistance for the developers.

Announced at China Joy 2017, Streamline Studios will be providing the developers in the China Hero Project access to Streamframe, their proprietary development management platform, as well as on-site visits and consultations. This should help streamline (no pun intended) the development process for at least 10 different games that is part of this initiative, including the promising Lost Soul Aside.

“Streamline believes the next groundbreaking games will come from the region,” said Alexander Fernandez, CEO of Streamline Studios. “We are honored to participate in the development of China’s AAA development scene.”

Streamline Studios is based in Malaysia, known to have contribute to various AAA games including Final Fantasy XV and Street Fighter V. We had recently visited them and conducted an interview, which goes in depth on how they are helping the development of these games as well as the growing talent of artists in Malaysia.


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