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Star Wars Battlefront II Revamped Its Progression System, Only Allowing Micro-Transactions For Cosmetics



Star Wars Batttlefront II will see a new update on March 21st where EA will finally put back in micro-transactions, but it will also a totally revamped progression system.

This is all as a response to how bad the original system were. Characters and classes need to unlock Star Cards to increase their power and effectiveness, and those are locked behind loot boxes (loot crates as it refers to in-game) that can be outright be purchased with real money in bulks.

This incentives heavily the purchases of loot boxes to keep up with the strongest players, or worse, was seen as a pay-to-win system that can still screw you up since all the content in loot boxes are random. It sparked a global outcry, with multiple investigations from various governing bodies that felt it was tipping too close into gambling.

The new progression system, as detailed in the official blog here will have all Star Cards available to the player immediately. Powering up Star Cards to higher levels (which unlocks better bonuses) requires you to just play the game and rack up experience. All progress of Star Cards before this new change will still be kept.

All loot crates in the game will only have cosmetic items. Yes, micro-transactions is now available again after there were deactivated it at launch, but now it’s back but only for cosmetics. New skins and appearances for heroes and troopers, something that was missing in the base game, will be available sometime in April.

The new changes are certainly welcomed, but how much of the game’s reputation can be recovered after the fallout? EA certainly is trying, and those who are still playing Battlefront II, which is a decent game outside of the loot box shenanigans, should enjoy the changes immensely.