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Square Enix To Host An E3 Showcase On June 11

A return from three years of absence


When a publisher wants to hold an E3 showcase or press conference, that means they have something big to show. Which is why it’s surprising to see Square Enix will be holding one for 2018. The publisher’s last E3 press conference was in 2015.

The showcase will be a pre-recorded video presentation, similar to Nintendo’s approach the past few years. It will be held on June 11th 10AM PDT (June 12th, 1AM Malaysian Time, +8GMT).

Square Enix has a few big titles in the works. The long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III is still set for release this year, so we might see more of that. On the western studios, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider may get more screen time ahead of its September release. As for project still far in the pipeline, we may see some glimpses of Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers game or maybe even a few minutes of the still-elusive Final Fantasy VII Remake.