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Square Enix Announced New RPG Lost Sphear


Last two years Square Enix announced that they now have another development team focused on new RPG titles, called the Tokyo RPG Factory. Their first game, I Am Setsuna served as a callback from the 16-bit era of RPGs like Chrono Trigger but last August saw reports of the game not doing so well sales wise.

However, the factory continues to churn with the announcement of its next game, titled Lost Sphear. As a you boy named Kanata, you found your home and its people slowly vanishing. As so you set out on a adventure with a band of friends to stop this from continuing further and save the world.

As seen in the trailer, combat wise it still sticks close to the Chrono Trigger formula just like I Am Setsuna, but the world exploration should have more variety rather than just snowy landscapes seen in Setsuna.

Lost Sphear is set to release in early 2018 on PC, PS4 and the Switch.