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Somehow, THQ Nordic Now Owns The Kingdoms Of Amalur IP



THQ Nordic are slowly amassing a big list of IPs, that is known. They now own Deep Silver which bought many of the original, now-defunct, THQ. They reminded the world that they owned TimeSplitters and Second Sight. And now, they just announced they now own the rights to Kingdoms Of Amalur.

No fateweaver could have ever see this coming.

For the uninitiated, Kingdoms Of Amalur is a franchise made by 38 Studios, founded by former MLB star Curt Schilling. Its first game, Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning is an action-RPG with a solid combat mechanic akin to an action game. It also featured an interchangeable class system that rewards both specialisation and generalisation.

The development, lead by Big huge Games, had the dream team of R,A, Salvatore writing the world and lore, Todd McFarlane on art design and Ken Rolston, lead designer for Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

The game was intended to be an MMO, but the project, codenamed Copernicus, never materialised. 38 Studios shut down not long after Reckoning was released.

Similar to TimeSplitters, we won’t be surprised to see Reckoning getting a re-release soon with this announcement. The original game is still available on Steam, published under the EA Partners banner. Or better yet, the game deserved a sequel, just to see what can they improve the class system, combat and make the world a bit more appealing than the high-fantasy it presented.