Sogetsu Kazama, The Second DLC Character For Samurai Shodown Season 2, Now Available

Sogetsu Kazama is the second of four DLC characters coming in season 2 of Samurai Shodown. He is now available for download for Season Pass owners. The Season 2 Pass includes Mina (which is out now), Sogetsu, Iroha and one unannounced character.

Sogetsu and his brother Kazuki were the leads for Samurai Shodown IV. His fiery brother is now part of this Samsho roster via DLC in season 1 last year. Now, the cold, stoic brother joins in too.

Take a look at his gameplay trailer here:

Sogetsu is now available as a standalone DLC, or as part of the Season Pass 2, on PS4 (including PS Store Asia), Xbox One and Switch. Samurai Shodown is also available on Stadia, and is coming to PC via Epic Games Store.


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