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It’s always fun to play around with AA shooters that try their best to make the experience as fun as possible. Like you definitely know where the “janky” stuff is but you’ll still enjoy playing it, as those moments do stick to you and it becomes more memorable than it has any right to be.

So, here we have the Sniper Ghost Warrior series, hot on the heels of the first Contract games being a sleeper success and now doing it again with more ambitious open areas and the inclusion of the ever cool-looking slow-mo killcam.

That said, is it good and worth its quite affordable asking price? I’ll say yes.


Contracts 2 sees you play as Raven, a contract sniper assassin, sent in to destabilize the enemy operation in impossible contracts that look quite elaborate, but more on that later.

On the graphics side of things, it feels as if the team at CI are pushing the limits of the last-gen consoles as the CryEngine powered game contents itself to a 25-ish to 30fps limit.

It may run better on the new consoles but I’d say it is a valiant effort to run it on the base PS4. Though the loading times could be a turn-off for some players.

Still, the sound design is amazing. The echoes of your sniper after being fired sound deadly even with a silencer. The sound of a bullet hitting the combatants is quite satisfying when the slow-mo hits it just right. I commend the folks of CI Games for making this quite an auditory experience, even in the 10th hour of playing.

The story aspect of Contracts 2 is just there, in all honesty. The evil head is a tyrant, time to take it down as usual. But, I do love the touches that CI has added towards taking down your targets, which could even appear quietly within a mission and you can take them down without breaking the gameplay flow. 

Speaking of which…


One thing to note about the mission structure of Contracts 2 is that it feels like the recent Hitman games but with some uniqueness to differentiate them. Like the missions will include location sabotages that could see you need to undertake to make some targets easier to do. 

There are event challenge objectives that might seem familiar to those same players of the other game but it makes playing the missions quite replayable with the many ways you can do that one target.

However, its difficulty leaves more to be desired. The AI is quite dense at times. In which they will sometimes line up in a row in front of you for easy takedowns, which does sound quite silly. They will attack you when spotted and if you take off enough enemies, the Alert phase will just vanish without any real notification.

It would be nice to have any feedback when you have escaped but at least it doesn’t hamper the main draw of the game, though. 

The game itself is the best sniper shooter in the market. The amount of options to make your shots land is quite substantial, with the ability to make your scope calculate trajectories and wind speed with a click of a few buttons. All thanks to their DRS, or Dynamic Reticle System making it easy to point and shoot.

And after eliminating your targets, you can upgrade your kit to make yourself more formidable on the field. Like upgrading the Mask mode (like a sort of Detective Vision) to make you spot hidden snipers or using your drone to take them out quickly. Or even upgrading your ammo types to take down even the heavies in one hit. 

With the upgrade branching being quite open and engaging, it’s quite nice to have that sort of progression as you knock down the enemies one by one. All the while switching our loadout to suit your gameplay style, and that’s pretty neat.


Sniper Contracts 2 will take around 8 to 10 hours to complete, which is quite fair considering how solid the game and premise are. But it does have replayability thanks to the Challenge criteria, which could let you have more unique ways to eliminate your target.

But replaying the story mode contracts more than once could be repetitive for some, but you can play it with new weapons and loadout if you so desire.

In short, it is more akin to the Hitman series in more ways than one.  

Personal Enjoyment

Coming into this, the Sniper Ghost Warrior series feels like a hit and miss for me, owning that I had only played the 2nd game on PC but the Contracts series has shown that the series could be improved by introducing new elements that make the game series fresh.

CI Games should be proud that this series is loved and played by thousands of dedicated fans, and I can only see it becoming more popular as the Contracts series goes on.

Final Thoughts

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is a sequel that builds upon the first game whilst making it more fun for newcomers to feel the part of a Sniper Assassin. Shooting folks at long range is fun stuff and its structure makes it quite easy to drop in and out of the game without any fuss. A good pick-me-up if you need some steam to let off.

Played On PS4, Review Code provided by Publisher.


Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2

Asequel that builds upon the first game whilst making it more fun for newcomers to feel the part of a Sniper Assassin.

  • Presentation 7.5
  • Gameplay 8
  • Content 8
  • Personal Enjoyment 8.5

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