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Snakeybus Is Like Snake But As A Driving Game, Out Now On Steam



Take the simple game of Snake- where you grow longer as you eat pickups and the objective is to not hit the wall or your own tail for as long as you can.

Now turn that into a driving game, with a cockpit perspective, physics and all. And you get Snakeybus.

Snakeybus is an indie game by two-man outfit Stovetop Studios. Taking inspiration from Crazy Taxi and that other indie game about big vehicles Clustertruck, Snakeybus is Snake, but you drive an articulated bus.

The bus grows longer as you pick up passengers. Drop passengers to cash in your score… or keep the bus running longer for a bigger score. Try not to hit yourself on the way.

Unlike Snake, you have the full three dimensions at play here, including physics. You drive the bus like how you drive/race a vehicle would in most games. But instead of a track layout, you get to see how your bus is currently tangled on the map.

Snakeybus is out now on PC (Steam) for only RM23.50 (with an extra 10% discount at the time of writing).