Clustertruck Is An Indie Game About Jumping On A Cluster Of Trucks, Out Now

Jumping on trucks might sound mundane. but what about a clustertruck of trucks? Clustertruck is basically that, you jump over a bunch of truck to reach a goal of each level, but these aren’t your ordinary trucks. Imagine jumping from truck to truck while all these trucks are crashing. Or getting struck by giant hammers. Or jumping a large gap, where you need to jump to another cluster of trucks.

If you’re already confused with a reading a bunch of trucks, maybe you should see the trailer. (Get it? Truck? Trailer?)

Clustertruck is out now on Steam for the low price of RM31. It’s technically a puzzle game when you look at it, but it sure will be a clustertruck of an experience when you play it the first time. Great for streams and YouTube videos.

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