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Smash Ultimate’s 3.0 Update Adds Social Media, Stage Building and Paid DLC Outfits


In a special update video for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Nintendo highlighted important details for the game’s free 3.0 update that would drop later today.

Stage Builder allows for players to build their own interactive Smash stages, being able to draw on the Nintendo Switch’s touch screen to create shapes and assign materials.

Gimmicks like moving platforms can also be added, as well as layers.

Also announced was Smash World, a social media-style site that requires paid Nintendo Switch Online subscription to use.

Players can edit, upload and share footage of their Smash Bros gameplay, as well as their custom stages to be shared online , and follow their favorite uploaders.

The service will be accessible via the Nintendo Switch App for mobile devices.

Finally, the Mii Fighters in Smash Bros Ultimate will also be receiving additional support in the form of paid costumes.

“Mii Fighters Costume Round #1” contains promotional costumes with Persona 5, Persona 4 and Persona 3, with costumes of the protagonists as well as hats of certain mascot characters.

Also included is a collaboration with Sonic The Hedgehog, with Tails and Knuckles costumes for your fighters as well.

The costumes can be purchased individually for USD 0.75 (MYR 3.10) each.

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