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See How This AI Is Teaching Itself To Play Battlefield 1


AI was once a buzzword in video games, but it has taken a back seat as the focus turned to multiplayer games. But now that the field in AI research are advancing further, with new self-learning AI being a thing, games have come back into the foray.

Announced at last year’s EA Play- technically the publisher’s E3 conference- EA established the¬†Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division (SEED) to help further improve self-learning AI by using its games as a test bed. Today, we see an early glimpse into the results of that research: AI teaching themselves how to play Battlefield 1.

The AI learns through trial and error to figure how exactly to play the game. to assist them, the game is tweaked a bit with the presence of health and ammo pickups to encourage the AI to favour survival. In a few sequences, the AI has adapted incredibly, though there is still tons of work too be done.

Take a look at the demonstration video below:

EA is not the only games publisher interested in AI research. Ubisoft recently opened a joint-venture to further improve this field of study as well.