Riot Games To Offer A Student Ambassador Program In Malaysia

Riot Games, the developers behind the MOBA League Of Legends, has announced a new program that will benefit college students in Malaysia. The Riot Student Ambassador program is the first of its kind here in Malaysia, where selected students under this program will undergo a one-year program that “aims to help participants develop transferable career critical skills and jump-start their future careers, regardless of their chosen discipline.”

The first batch of students for the Riot Student Ambassador has been selected- 28 students from 28 different universities and colleges around the country. A minimum of CGPA 3.5 were required to apply for the program.

The program is endorsed by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), the government agency that has recently made moves to improve the game development scene here, as well as APIIT Education Group, which runs the Asia Pacific Univesity (APU)- the first university to offer a course on esports here in Malaysia.

“We want to show everyone that gamers are amazing. We want to show that having a kid who likes gaming is special and that they should be nurtured for a career in the field,” Riot Games country manager for Malaysia and Singapore Benjamin Pommeraud said.

The Student Ambassadors will be tasked to be able to build up communities, being the voice of Riot and the League Of Legends community, as well as balancing the main priorities of being a student. In other words, being an ambassador of an exemplary gamer- and hopefully break the preconceived notion that a “gamer” brings more negative than positives.

The Student Ambassadors will also be recieving some nice perks- a RM400 budget to buy any games, in-game RP, partial scholarships and a trip to the Legends World Championship.

Garena, the official operators for League Of Legends here in Malaysia, has also taken the interest in college students with offers of scholarship in the Malaysia Campus League (MYCL). Good to more game companies taken an interest to help gamers be better received in the society.

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