Reports Suggest Fortnite Mobile On Android To Launch First On The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Fortnite can be played almost everywhere nowadays. The PS4 just received an official release for Asia markets, the Switch version helped get the cross-play conversation going again and the mobile version, now available on iOS, is said to have racked in millions in USD.

But the mobile device has yet to be released on Android just yet. Though new reports suggest that it will coming soon. The reports from different sources by 9to5Google and XDA say that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will launch together with Fortnite on the device pre-loaded. It will be a limited-time exclusive on the Note 9 for 30 days.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is set to be revealed on August 9th. Though rumours have mentioned the device will be available on August 24th. Should it be true, expect Fortnite Mobile to drop for other Android devices by the end of this September.

These are rumours so far, take it with a grain of salt. But still, it won’t be long until the biggest battle royale game right now to grace the Android ecosystem.

Source: 9to5Google, XDA via Android Police

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