ReadySet Heroes Gets A Survival Mode In Free Update, Play For Free This Weekend

ReadySet Heroes_20191210153838

ReadySet Heroes is still getting updates. The cutesey multiplayer dungeon crawler for PS4 and PC is getting a free update that adds a new mode: Survival.

In Survival, the enemy horde during the dungeon runs are much tougher, and the game ends when no one in the team is left standing to reach the end of the dungeon for Treasure Time. As time continues to tick, enemies get progressively stronger, having more health and dealing more damage.

To combat that, there are new perks and character levels you can equip before a run, with 50 of them to uncover. These new perks and character levels can be used in the normal mode, but it’s only available for split-screen multiplayer.

Developers Robot Entertainment also has added a Friends Only toggle for online play, so you can invite friends in a private session rather than go through matchmaking.

ReadySet Heroes also has a free weekend. From today until December 24th 1AM JST (12AM Malaysian Time, +8GMT), you can give the game a go, no PS Plus required for online play.

Yes, it’s available on PS Store Asia too. Hit the “Try Free Demo” button to download.

If you’re looking for a split-screen multiplayer game for the festive season, why not give this a whirl. Though our review finds it only to be decent.

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