ReadySet Heroes – Review

Earlier this year, I set my mission to play indie titles more often than AAA releases after being disappointed with the release of the AAA stuff, specifically after this one game that basically broke this lad’s faith (something rhymes with Hashy Icks).

Now it’s the end of October and so far, it’s been a balance between good and bad.

So, we now turn our attention to ReadySet Heroes: A cutesy Diablo-like dungeon crawler with perma-death game modes and hard bosses. Has Robot Entertainment done enough to be the next big party game Indie gem? Not really.


One thing that stands out for ReadySet Heroes is the art style, which popup from the moment you were (albeit abruptly) put onto the start menu, and even in gameplay as you see your character traverse the lands. The sound design also matches the tone of the game, as you are the hero of course, and it gets more thematic the more go into the game world.

Curiously, there are only two game modes available in this game: Crawl n’ Brawl,where you battle to the top with your best gear and Tower Crawl (also known as the Diablo mode), a mode where the level gets randomized as you battle fiends and stage bosses toward the final boss in the tower.

It’s looking good for the game so far but the gameplay is where it falters.


For a simple hack and slasher, it’s quite fun and enjoyable due to its quite vast amount of weapons and armor that could be obtained during a single run (remember, it is still a permadeath dungeon crawler). And it’s list of characters ranging from a Honey Badger to a bunny and even a hawk shows that you can play with your favorite animal and still get an enjoyable experience.

What isn’t enjoyable is the animation for special attacks and dodges as they have a sort of input lag, which leaves you vulnerable to attacks, deadly when you’re fighting on a final boss with only one life left.

Its need for a three health system is also quite counter-intuitive as well due to the length of the levels and enemy placement. Even their fun puzzle system couldn’t save the gameplay with the flaw mentioned being quite apparent if you’re doing a solo run.

Heck, some of the weapons are quite useless as well: the Boomerang power-up not dealing damage is one noticeable example but others like the Guitar can bring you good special skills towards your siege to the top.


Besides these two modes, there isn’t much replayability if you have defeated both modes already but I reckon to bring friends who haven’t played this game beforehand could bring you some fun within this game. Online multiplayer is there but around my area, it’s pretty much non-existence really.


I can see the potential for this game, being that it is quite a fun party game and the capability to be something that can perhaps rival Castle Crashers and the like. Perhaps if Robot Entertainment could update ReadySet Heroes to say remove the annoying input lags or add another mode or two, this game could shine. But for now, best be waiting for a sale.

Played on a PS4 Slim, Review copy given by PlayStation Asia.


ReadySet Heroes

I can see the potential for this game, being that it is quite a fun party game and the capability to be something that can perhaps rival Castle Crashers and the like.

  • Design & Artstyle 8
  • Gameplay 4
  • Replayability 6

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