ReadySet Heroes, A Sony-Published Game, Coming Out On October 2nd On PS4 And… The Epic Games Store

ReadySet Heroes is the new multiplayer game by Robot Entertainment. First announced in a previous State Of Play, now we have a release date.

But the more curious tidbit here is that it’s not only coming to PS4. It will also be on PC via the Epic Games Store. This is not the case like the Quantic Dream games, where it was made available there after they decided to develop multi-platform games again. Sony Interactive Entertainment is listed as the publisher on the store.

It’s an interesting move, to fund an indie game but not as an exclusive.

ReadySet Heroes is about four players, solo or a team of two, crawling through a dungeon to defeat monsters and collect loot. Once the end of the dungeon is reached, a free-for-all battle starts, winner takes all.

The game supports split-screen multiplayer up to four players, with the promised of easy pick-up-and-play gameplay.

ReadySet Heroes will be out in Asia on October 2nd for the PS4 priced at RM79 and PC (Epic Games Store) for $9.99 USD.

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