Razer Opens Their Own Digital Store With Sales Of Popular Titles

Now you can buy computers and games in one store!

If any hardware maker brave enough to open a rival store to key resellers the likes of GamersGate or Humble Bundle, I expected Razer to take that mantle due to their popularity and indeed they did.

Razer Game Store launched early this morning and it’s looks to be using zSilver (their virtual currency) as a reward points for getting more discounts on either your games or future purchases of your next Razer product.

They also would be rotating a selection of four games discounted and with every purchase of those four games, grants users $15 Razer Game Store discount voucher, x2 zSilver earned per purchase and also $10 Razerstore hardware voucher, starting with this week’s selection which includes Ni No Kuni 2 and Far Cry 5.

So those wanting to try out this new store, there is also a store-wide discount using the code: RGLAUNCH15 . Now,go and buy some games there!

Source: TechRadar

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