Razer Naga Pro Is A Wireless Modular Gaming Mouse That Adapt to Your Playstyle

Razer just announced the release of their new addition to the Hyperspeed Wireless lineup in the form of Razer Naga Pro. Based on the Naga Trinity, the Naga Pro introduces wireless connectivity and a bevy of other improvements.

Just like Naga Trinity, the Naga Pro features user-swappable side button panels that cater to different games and playstyles:

  • 12-button panel optimized for MMO/RTS games. Same layout as Naga Trinity.
  • 6-button panel optimized for MOBA and Battle Royale games. Updated layout as side-by-side arrangement instead of circular as the Naga Trinity.
  • 2-button panel optimized for just barebones shortcut in fast paced games like FPS.
Naga Pro’s 3 swappable side panels (6, 2, 12 buttons). Image: Razer

Paired with Razer’s Synapse software, the side buttons can be programmed with secondary layer for even more added customizability with maximum of 24 macro/shortcut on the 12-panel alone. On-board memory also enables the Naga Pro to store 5 different profiles so users can plug it in any PC without Synapse dependency and enjoy their own keybinds anywhere.

Connectivity is now updated to Hyperspeed Wireless technology, where Razer claimed a faster wireless connectivity speed compared to competing wired counterparts. Connecting to PC can be done through the included Hyperspeed dongle or Bluetooth. A Speedflex braided cable also included for charging and wired connection option.

Sensor-wise, the Razer Naga Pro now features Focus+ 20k DPI sensor as found in DeathAdder V2. The microswitches is now optical, with claimed faster actuation than mechanical microswitches.

The updated features certainly boasts a higher performing gaming mouse than previous incarnations and very extensive customizability with the swappable side panels and dual-layer programmable buttons. Razer claims battery life of upwards to 100 hours on Hyperspeed dongle and up to 150 hours on Bluetooth mode thanks to a more efficient wireless optimizations.

Availability starts from 4th September on Razer’s webstore and end of September for authorized retailers. MSRP is RM709.00, upper echelon pricing definitely but the tech and customizability value seems worth it for the price.

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