PSO2 New Genesis – Braver Class Coming August 4, New Urgent Quest Coming August 18

The monthly “NGS Headline” broadcast has detailed new content coming to free-to-play online-RPG Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis for August.

The expected seventh class, Braver, gets another teaser as well as more concrete details on how the katana and bow wielder plays. Looks like they will be familiar to Braver mains from base PSO2, but with adjusted Photon Arts and skills to fit the new NGS gameplay.

A new instructor, Deidre, will appear at Central City and provides a side mission in getting a grasp of the new class.

Braver will be added to PSO2 New Genesis on August 4.

The August 4 update will also bring in a new sidequest, “A Melancholy Monument” accessible after completing all the main quests in Chapter 1 (which is, as of right now, all of the main quests available).

Unfortunately, the ability to carry over Mag looks from base PSO2 to PSO2 NGS has been delayed to October. However, there is now an option to hide the floating drone that accompanies your character, perfect for those that are taking screenshots.

The two weeks after that see some much-needed gameplay-based content, though it’s not much. A new variant of Urgent Quest will be added, the one previously referred to as “Defence Quest” in the content roadmap.

Unlike the two UQs in rotation which boils down to “beat the big boss together” and “run in a mostly straight line beating mobs and then beat the bigger big boss together”, this new UQ, Mining Rig Defence, will have 8 players defend mining rigs from an onslaught of DOLLS enemies. It’s wave-based and will also add two new DOLLS enemies (the self-destructing Boms and a flying and the dual-guns-wielding Destragas).

Also, players can collect tokens (Collectasigne) during this quest, to be used in repairing the mining rig structure, upgrade its defences or summon a huge cannon you can use to mow down enemies.

The new UQ have a chance to drop a new weapon series, Evolcoat

The new Urgent Quest will be added on August 18.

Alongside the two mild content drops are a bunch of Scratch Tickets (read: gacha) additions. The upcoming AC Scratch Ticket line for August are as follows:

  • Sunshine Marine Stars (Land-based combat uniforms, idol outfits, ice cream eating emotes) – August 4
  • Oracle Renewal Collection II (More costumes from base PSO2, updated to NGS quality) – August 11
  • Summer Sky Seaside (SF style, street style, maid style costumes, summer heat themed emotes) – August 18

For free-to-play players, there will be two new Scratch Ticket lines that will use the SG currency. In addition, the free daily SG Ticket will change to these new SG Scratch Ticket pools when they drop. The SG Ticket line for August are as follows:

  • Astute Braver (Braver-themed costumes and emotes) – August 4
  • Arks Conductor (More Central City ARKS-themed costumes, including outfit parts from Manon, Dozer and Ram) – August 25

Players of PSO2 NGS are clamouring for content right now, as the launch of NGS really doesn’t offer enough things to do in the long-term at the moment. The updates in August won’t be solving this problem- content-wise it’s really marginal.

The first major update for PSO2 NGS, which adds a new region and an increased level cap, is scheduled to arrive later this year.

Source: PSO2 NGS

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