PS5 Beta Update Adds New Accessibility Feature, Support For Larger SSDs, More

A new PS5 software update is now in beta, and is currently rolling out to participating beta testers.

The new update adds a multitude of features.

One of the most interesting ones is the accessibility option “Use A Second Controller For Assistance”. This allows for two controllers assigned to one player, letting two players collaborate and assist in single-player games without having to pass off the controller.

This is an ideal feature for parents helping out their child, for instance.

One particular game, PlayStation Studios’ Horizon: Forbidden West, has this particular feature where another controller can co-pilot. With this update, it’s now a systems-wide feature which is cool to see.

The software update also bumps the maximum storage size for M.2 SSDs to 8TB from 4TB. Those looking to upgrade their PS5’s storage will be able to plug supported SSDs with bigger storage size.

Another fascinating feature being added is support for compatible Dolby Atmos-enabled audio devices. The PS5 uses its own Tempest 3D AudioTech for 3D sound. This update will let the PS5 play nice with devices connected via HDMI that has Dolby Atmos- a different 3D audio implementation. This includes soundbars, TVs and home theatre systems.

Several other minor changes include:

  • Haptic Feedback support in System UI (on the PS5 menus)
  • Party UI changes
    • Invite a whole group into a party
    • A player can be invited into a closed party without adding them to the group/creating a new group
    • Share Screen Preview
    • Easier to join online friends from the party screen
  • Emoji reactions in messages
  • Search bar in game library
  • the ability to lower the volume, and mute, the beeps heard when turning on/off the PS5 or place into Rest Mode

The PS5 has recently sold more than 40 million units as of July 2023.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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