PS Plus Free Games In June Sees Star Wars Squadron And Virtua Fighters V Coming

PS Plus users, it is time once again to see what we’ll be getting for your active subscription in the month of June.

So, on June 1st, we’ll be getting the best X-Wing fighter simulator Star Wars Squadron for the PS4. Such an amazing experience which many people highly recommend.

Then we have the recently announced Virtua Fighter 5, a remake of the classic Sega AM2 fighter now running on the Yakuza engine, so expect spectacles in this fighter.

Lastly, another new PS5 game is coming in the form of Operation: Tango. It’s a co-op spy thriller where you and a friend work together to solve puzzle in their own screen and beat the bad guys.

And that’s it for June, it will run from the 1st of June, until 7 July.

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