Project Winter Passes One Million Players Milestone, New Update Adds New Map With A Gondola

Project Winter might not be Among Us big, but its brand of survival and social deception game has its fanbase. Over a million players have given it a go, now that the game is on Xbox consoles, Windows 10 via Xbox Game Pass.

Developers Other Ocean Interactive has now announced a new content update which includes a new map. This new map has a gondola you can ride, so you can “elevate your betrayal”.

There’s a lot of other shake-ups to the new map compared to the original. The cabin here is located at the most north tile, not at the center. The first objectives can spawn far south instead of being close to the cabin, so you either can take the gondola ride or go through a narrow ramp to descend there.

Traitors can also delay the gondola by sabotage too. Or absolutely murder everyone inside the small confine space.

The update is now live, and also includes balance changes and bug fixes. Some of the are as follows:

  • Two new main tile variations for the existing normal mode maps which alter the positions of trees, rocks, etc. surrounding the cabin
  • Text chat can now be used in pregame lobbies, which also logs messages when players join, leave or get kicked
  • Added sound effect that plays when sending or receiving messages via text chat to better draw attention to it
  • Various changes to improve UI when using a controller
  • Updated crossplay icon visuals to help them read better
  • Traitor radio jamming ability no longer jams red radio channel
  • Identity Thieves now gain access to the red radio channel when stealing a traitor role

“We are excited to release these new features to our over 1 million survivors and traitors in our Project Winter community,” said Other Ocean’s Product Director, Ryan Hale. “Whether you are new to the game or have been playing since the beginning, this new content update gives players new and exciting ways to betray their friends.”

You can find the full patch notes here.

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