Project Triangle Strategy Announced, Demo Now Available On Switch

Square Enix has announced their next Switch exclusive title from the team behind Octopath Traveller (Team Asano).

Project Triangle Strategy is an all-new tactical RPG coming in 2022, announced in the February 2021 Nintendo Direct.

Project Triangle Strategy (which is halfway sounding like a codename, and halfway a proper title) takes place in Norzelia. Three nations are fighting for salt and iron resources.

You can expect the similar mix of pixel art sprites and detailed 3D worlds. Squenix is dubbing this “the latest title in the HD-2D series”, similar to Octopath Traveller.

The gameplay style should remind you of Tactics Ogre, or Final Fantasy Tactics. So it’s not quite Fire Emblem Three Houses, but if you like that game, it should be something that may be up your alley.

You won’t need to wait long to play it, however, as there’s already a demo available on the Nintendo eShop. The demo lets you try two episodes, Chapter 6 and 7, of the full game.

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