Pokémon Snap, Mega Evolutions And More: Here’s What You Missed From Today’s Pokémon Livestream

The Pokémon Company had a special livestream today to announce several projects they’re working on with the Pokémon IP covering mobile, Switch spin-offs as well as events in the mainline games.

Fan classic Pokémon Snap is being revisited via New Pokémon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. Players will get to take photos of Pokémon in their natural habitat, with an updated roster to include the 7 generations of Pokémon since the original Pokémon Snap’s release.

Pokémon Smile is a game to encourage children to brush their teeth. It allows children to battle bacteria in their mouths and is available on iOS and Android starting today.

Pokémon Cafe is a fun puzzle game that has you collecting Pokémon in a café. The game is free-to-start (which means microtransactions) and will be available on Nintendo Switch June 24th.

It’s not all new releases, though, as the current active Pokémon games have gotten news as well.

Pokémon Go is the clear winner when it comes to volume of news today as they announced several big features. The Pokémon Go Festival events will continue to be digital-only for the rest of the year to keep people indoors, and the game will also be receiving an update adding Mega Evolutions to the game. Galarian Farfetch’d is also available in the game starting now.

Finally, for mainline Pokémon games will be getting a new raid for the Pokémon Zeraora. If more than one million people beat this raid, players will receive a shiny Zeraora.

This isn’t all the Pokémon news, however, as they announced a second livestream on June 24th.


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