Persona 5 R Teased, Details On “New Projects” Coming In March

A new version of Persona 5 is coming, or is it? A new website leads to a teaser video for Persona 5 R.

Developers Atlus have a history of re-releasing the Persona games but with added content such as Persona 3 Portable which added a new female protagonist and Persona 4 Golden which added new scenes and side characters.

So Persona 5 R being a re-release of the same nature may not be a bad guess, but at the moment, is just speculation.

The teaser trailer seen on the website, all in Japanese, leads to a tease of “New Projects” coming in March. So we will hear more of Persona by then.

In other news, Persona 5’s main character, codenamed Joker, is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as DLC.

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