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PC Building Simulator Is Now Available On… PS4, Xbox One And Switch

Do you want to build a PC?


Okay, what if you want to try your hand at the art of building a PC rig from scratch, but cannot afford or too afraid on damaging expensive pieces of hardware while doing so? Well, there’s a game for that.

PC Building Simulator started off as a small tech demo, but has now sold 750,000 copies on PC (Steam). It’s one of those simulators where you assemble items piece-by-piece. But the items here are motherboards, CPUs, GPUs, RAM sticks, power supply and, most important of all: colour-coded cables.

To make things more legit, developers The Irregular Corporation has licensed 1000 real-world parts from manufacturers including Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, ASUS, Deepcool, EKWB and NZXT. The in-game PCs also has an emulated BIOS and OS system, 3DMark benchmarking tool (also licensed) and also lets you overclock the rig.

Yes, you can build that dream PC rig with SLI Nvidia RTX cards or power it with an AMD Ryzen chip, without any of the mortifying consequences of screwing them up.

PC Building Simulator features a story mode (yes, a story mode) where you run a PC workshop, diagnosing broken PCs and fix them for money as you slowly grow your business. There’s also free-play mode where you can start building expensive PCs from the get-go.

The crazy part is, PC Building Simulator is now out on PS4 (but not on PS Store Asia), Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Now even console players can see the appeal of building your own rig from the comfort of a controller. Which is super weird if you think about it, and even the developers’ press release acknowledged the surrealness of all of this. Or maybe this is just a ploy to recruit more followers for the PC master race.

PC Building Simulator is also available on PC (Steam) for RM39.