Park Beyond’s Latest Patch Makes Visitors Smarter And Parks More Profitable

A new update for Park Beyond, Limbic Entertainment’s latest park builder and management sim, is now available. Patch 3, or Patch 1.4.0, addresses concerns of parks becoming unprofitable over time, and the difficulty of some missions in the campaign.

The patch specifically addresses the visitors’ AI. Visitors won’t suddenly stop going to an older ride for no reason anymore, the source of eventual unprofitable rides. Visitors will also now run to reach their specific needs.

The update also tweaked how cleanliness impacts fun generation, which is tied to a park’s progression. Cleanliness impact has been softened, so you get a bit more leeway and hopefully level up the park easier.

Our review of Park Beyond made specific remarks about how visitors’ AI behave in a way that’s hampering game progression. So these specific changes should in theory address the points we brought up, and make the game more fun as a result.

You can go through the full patch notes here.

Park Beyond is out now on PS5, PC (Steam) and Xbox Series X|S.

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