Park Beyond Out Now, Here’s What The Base Game Includes

Park Beyond, Limbic Entertainment’s new theme park builder published by Bandai Namco, is out now.

The theme park builder and management sim goes one step wilder than its genre brethren simply by going wild with its roller coaster design. You can create impossible rides that can never be recreated in real life, that not only breaks the laws of physics but also federal laws for endangering the public.

Park Beyond has launched with several pre-order bonuses and extra content for the more expensive versions of the game. But the base game itself has a decent amount of things to put together as a theme park. There’s a good number of flat rides, a handful of roller coaster, a few choices for themes, and thousands of modular parts for your own creation.

Here are all the contents available in the base game of Park Beyond:

  • 5 Different Flat Rides
  • 3 Types of Roller Coasters (with unlimited color customization)
  • 9 Types of Coaster Modules
  • 5 Themes containing a total of 870 decoration items
    • Alien Planet
    • Candyville
    • DaVinci
    • Park Beyond
    • Western
  • Over 1000 Modular Building Pieces
  • 21 Types of Shops (with more than 100 themed prefabs) selling 122 products
  • 14 Different Path Designs + 13 Different Path Railings
  • 4 Types of Map Biomes
    • Alpine Mountains
    • Desert
    • Mediterranean
    • East Asia
  • 27 Sandbox Maps
  • 8 Challenging Story Missions

Park Beyond will receive free content updates as part of its Year One roadmap. New maps, rides, coaster variations, decor items and shops will be added.

Park Beyond is out now on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Bandai Namco

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