Parents and Kids Team Up To Learn Esports At Battle Arena

The room was abuzz with screams of joy and excitement as parents bonded with their children with a hands-on Esports session courtesy of Battle Arena’s Esports Family Bootcamp yesterday.

The day was split into a practical hands-on session, where parents and children alike were allowed to use the facility’s computers to play a variety of games together, as well as a later talk and Q&A for the parents by Michelle “Lylia” Tan and Nick “The Hound” Haris on the realities of Esports and being an internet personality.

The talk covered topics like real statistics for talent management and partnerships with Fundeavour as well as being a respectful yet responsible parent when your child decides to go online.

The Q&A session also featured Battle Arena Head of PR and Marketing Tiffani Lim, who also weighed in with her experience in the Esports scene in Malaysia and the challenges she faced.

Many of the parents say they found the talk educational, as well as eye-opening on the growing Esports scene in Malaysia.


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