Paralives Is An Indie Simulation Game That Could Be A Decent The Sims Competitor

If you love doll-house simulators that let you play without people’s lives, there’s really one game franchise you are playing right now: The Sims. But thankfully, there is now a competitor in that space from an indie game developer.

Paralives is indie life simulation game from a team of four developers led by Alex Massé, and it’s very easy to see that it’s inspired by The Sims. You build homes, create characters and manage their lives, either in the home or at the open-world town.

Paralives steps up a bit by featuring even more flexibility with your home-building tools. Walls can intersect at any angles, and it can be slanted or curved. You can customise objects with a colour picker and slap some textures on it. Upgradable beds.

Recently, the Paralives team finally unveil the look of the characters, called Parafolk. And it looks like it too has the flexible customisation options like the build tools. Parafolk can be of any height (Sims’ height in The Sims is locked to their age), and changing shape or size of a body part is as simple as clicking and dragging it, ala The Sims 4.

Oh, and you bet that there is a colour wheel for character customisation.

The Sims 4’s base game is in a better state now in 2020, but it’s great to see that finally we have competition in this niche but popular genre. And from what the other features previously revealed, it seems to be a promising game that can exist together with EA’s long-running series.

Paralives is still in development, with no release date yet. But it will be coming to PC and Mac via Steam.


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