Paradox Announce Millennia, New Historical 4X Game 

It looks like Paradox Interactive is also showing up at the historical 4X scene with a new title, Millennia.

Developed by C Prompt Games, Millennia offers another interesting take on the historical 4X sub-genre of strategy games dominated by Civilization, and recently contended by Humankind, with another big title in Ara: History Untold, joining the competition.

C Prompt Games is a team led by Rob Fermier, Ian Fischer and Brian Sousa, with experience from RTS games like Age of Empires II, Age of Mythology and Starcraft II. On the dev diary posted here, the team is “have basically wanted to make a 4X since forever” and calls “4X is a cornerstone of the entire genre” of strategy games.

For Millennia, the trick up its sleeve is how Ages work. A normal game of Millennia can have 10 different Ages, starting from the Stone Age. But there will also be Variant Ages, a what-if scenario where the game goes into alternate history. What if the internal combustion engine was not invented and steam power continues, ushering the Age of Aether? Here’s all the ages namedropped in the teaser trailer:

  1. Age Of Stone
  2. Age Of Bronze
  3. Age Of Iron
  4. Age Of Kings
  5. Age Of Plague
  6. Age Of Utopia
  7. Age Of Intolerance
  8. Age Of Discovery
  9. Age Of Renaissance
  10. Age Of Heroes
  11. Age Of Blood
  12. Age Of Monuments
  13. Age Of Conquest
  14. Age Of Alchemy
  15. Age Of Heresy
  16. Age Of Old Ones
  17. Age Of Harmony
  18. Age Of Aether
  19. Age Of Dystopia
  20. Age Of Information
  21. Age Of Ecology
  22. Age Of Visitors
  23. Age Of Colony Ships
  24. Age Of Archangel
  25. Age Of Transcendence
  26. Age Of Rogue AI

Millennia will also have its on nation building. Instead of picking predefined civilisations or cultures, you pick unique Nations Spirits, which itself is a tech tree that lets you develop a nation’s ability. From becoming monument builders to a warmonger.

The economy system is also fascinating, as the same resource can produce deferent yields depending on how you invest in them. Logs can bring production, but it can be refined into books to produce knowledge. So this should bring new depths unseen in this space.

There’s also a Domains system where you can used Domain Powers, like claiming territory or adopting new governments. An an army-based combat system. Also, the usual historical 4X gameplay beats are there, from building the pyramid and beating up barbarians to competing in a space race and engaging in diplomacy.

Millennia will be released sometime in 2024.

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