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Paladins Is Adding A Battle Royale Mode, Called Battlegrounds


It keeps on coming. Battle Royale is here to stay as another game announced the last-man standing mode and this time it is for Hi-Rez Studios’ hero-shooter Paladins.

Paladins launched in 2016 right off the heels of Overwatch’s release, which made many to call it an Overwatch clone. The developers beg to differ, however, and the free-to-play shooter managed to corner its own niche.

But detractors will have a field day with the new mode announcement, called Battlegrounds, if that is not obvious enough.

The Battlegrounds mode, announced at Hi-Rez Expo 2018, is as namesake, 100 players thrown in a huge map, last man standing wins. The difference is that you play as champions with specific abilities. Paladins’ mount system will also be of more use in this mode, as seen in the trailer.

Erez Goren, CEO of Hi-Rez Studios, does not believe “there are any pure, creative thoughts,” as highlighted by PCGamesN.

“Most of the time old games are iterations of other games in some format. I don’t think there’s any pure, creative thoughts that you can’t find in any game right now.”

It’s totally fine to derive ideas and find inspirations from the past, but many of Hi-Rez’s games are so easy to trace its lineage to, some even more blatant than others, such as this Battlegrounds mode.

But still, we must commend their dedication for adding new content to a free-to-play game. With this and Fornite Battle Royale, more gamers can have a go and what the current trending genre in video games is all about.