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Own Dark Souls: Prepared To Die Edition On PC? You’ll Get 50% Off For Dark Souls Remastered

Praise The Sun


While consoles getting remasters from previous generations of consoles make sense, it doesn’t as much when you’re on PC. Why buy a similar game with some updates and retouches for a full price again? This is why loyalty discounts on Steam gets used a lot with such remasters.

So it was weird to see Bandai Namco debunking an earlier speculation that PC players who own the original, botched release of Dark Souls that has to be fixed by modder Durante will get a discount. Because now they have confirmed that it is true.

But hey, we’ll take the good news. If you own Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition on Steam, you will automatically get a 50% discount for Dark Souls Remastered which will offer better textures, larger player count for online sessions and hopefully all the fixes to make it playable on PC.

Via Eurogamer