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Overwatch Retribution PVE Event Starts April 10th


A few week earlier Overwatch was teasing that the PVE event, Uprising, is set to arrive sometime in April. Or so we thought. Apparently it is not just the same whole event like the Lunar New Year, Summer Games, Halloween or Winter events.

The new PVE event, Retribution, is still a 4-player affair but now focuses on the former Blackwatch team, the covert Overwatch unit. Genji, Moira, McCree and Reaper (who at the time still goes by Reyes) will engage in a new map Venice in search of a high ranking Talon officer.

Fans of the Overwatch plot, which takes place years before the current time, will be in for a treat. Just like Uprising was.

Cosmetics from last year’s Uprising, as well as brand new ones from Retribution will be available to unlock during the event.

Overwatch Retribution starts from April 10th to 30th on PS4, PC and Xbox One.