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Overwatch League’s First Season Opens Its First Player Transfer Window

Oh we are getting serious now


Overwatch League has been going on strong in its first month, and has now announced the first transfer window of the season. Beginning February 11th (the end of Stage 1 for Season 1), teams will be able to trade players should they choose to do so. They can also begin signing free agents. Like other sports teams in established leagues.

Free agents also include players that are playing in the Overwatch Contenders, Academy and Open Division. Though the players must meet the requirements for all Overwatch League players- 18 years old at the minimum and can apply for US visa.

New players signed in this window will be eligible to play in the league by February 21st the start at Stage 2. The window will close before Stage 3 starts on April 3rd. Teams can only sign 12 players at the most at any time.

Rosters which are now capped in player counts such as the London Spitfire will not see new signings though they can transfer players. It would be interesting to see whether smaller teams such as the Florida Mayhem will pick up more players to play in the league.

Dallas Fuel is the first to make use of the transfer window so far, announcing the signing of French player AKM, formerly of Rogue, a top European squad in the early days of Overwatch esports which won the first APAC premier and competed at the OGN Apex for several seasons.