Overwatch Confirmed Nerfing McCree, Hints Of Competitive Mode And New Characters

This is quite a lot of info, so let’s take this one by one.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan shares some information about much talked about nerfing cowboy slinger McCree. Looks like Blizzard has found some solutions to make him not to powerful when facing with tank heroes while still remaining a great flanker and can deal with light-health heroes like Tracer and Genji. It’s all tied down to a slight tweak to his right-click/alternate fire, where he “fans the hammer”, unleashing a hail of bullets from the revolver in quick successions. The damage output is reduced, but he still remains deadly.

Kaplan also shared about plans into buffing D.Va, whose high mobility is currently paired with some low damage output and not enough survivability. There is no confirmation on what aspect of her will be buffed, but solutions are currently explored.

Competitive mode, missing from the game’s launch, seems to be developing well. He explained the need for a longer season- three months instead of one- so that players can feel more rewarded being in the different tiers of divisions where you can rise and drop, depending on performance. This tiers reset after each season, with some downtime for a month or two them to collect feedback.

In a question about when new characters and maps will be dropping, Kaplan has nothing to announce, but hints that fans who have speculated on certain heroes, like Sombra who was expected to be revealed before launch, have a lot more clues to search for. Heroes will probably be released one by one to not disrupt too much of the fanbase.

The whole interview is worth a read, including discussions about netcode, and improving Play Of The Game highlights by making it “cinematic”. So far nothing has a proper release date, which is pretty much standard for Blizzard. We’ll let you know when the balance patch and new content hits.

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