Outriders PC Day-1 Issues – How To Fix UI Not Appearing, Controller Aim Problems On Steam

Outriders is out now, and if you’re playing on PC, specifically on Steam, there has been a few known technical issues currently at launch. It’s not just you.

Here’s a quick way to fix two of the few known issues of Outriders on PC.

UI Not Appearing

If you’ve played the demo and now loaded the full game with no UI, quit back to the lobby and start a new session again. Closing the game won’t bring back the UI, but quitting back to the main menu and then load back in will do the trick.

Controller Issues On Steam

For some reason, the right analog stick input on a controller will is being read as a mouse cursor- and will use all the mouse settings (sensitivity, invert axis, etc.).

This is likely a Steam-specific issue (we are not sure if it happens on the Epic Games Store version). The way around this is to go to the controller configuration setting on Steam for Outriders.

You can find it by selecting Outriders on your Steam library. The controller configuration setting will only appear when you have a controller connected.

Then change the config into default gamepad (found under “templates”), instead of the recommended preset.

Other Known Day-1 Issues for Outriders on PC

There are few reported issues for Outriders that you can find pinned here. This includes micro stutters, blurry images and issues with cross-play with console players.

This should help in making the new looter-shooter playable during launch week. These weird issues that didn’t appear back in the demo version. But hopefully developers People Can Fly can get around and provide a permanent fix for these.

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