Nordic Game Goes Online, With Their Award Show Showcased Live This May 28

Next week will see the Nordic Game 2020 Conference taking place, with them going into the online sphere as well from May 27 till May 29.

This event is more akin to a mini GDC rather than a replacement E3, since you can join in with some of the game developers from this region talk about their games, from Baba Is You developer, Arvi Teikari to the Creative Director of What The Golf, Tim Garbos. All looking like fascinating talks just from their titles alone (“10 tips for making people laugh through gameplay“).

And that’s not all, those who are interested in the event can also join in and watch the Nordic Game Awards 2020 that’s happening on the 28th of May via their NG20 livestream program. Noticeable game that looks to take top honor so far is Remedy’s Control and of course Baba Is You, so we can’t wait to see who gets it in the end.

If you are interested in this event, register for their event here:


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