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No Man’s Sky Beyond Update Adds A Lot More Features, Including Creatures You Can Ride On

3-in-1 update


No Man’s Sky sure has a rough launch. But let it be known that their free, post-launch updates are pretty meaty, adding a lot that was missing from what we saw on launch.

The Beyond update, as explained on the game’s website, should have been three different updates, but will all be released in one. We’ve known that online multiplayer will be expended from just four-player co-op and VR support for Steam VR and PS VR.

The third pillar that would have been a separate update is deeper systems and more features in general, bumping the game to version 2.0. Creatures now have more variety, can be tamed and rode on, for example. ‘

All of these content will be added for free, and should be available by August 14th, today at the time of writing. If you still have your copy of the sci-fi exploration game with way too many procedurally generated planets, it might be worth checking out.