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No DLC For Mass Effect: Andromeda, No More Single-Player Updates


Bioware has recently released a statement about the future of Mass Effect: Andromeda, and it looks like it’s pretty grim as we all expected.

Update 1.10 will be the last issued update for the troubled RPG shooter with no more planned patches for the single-player. All story content will instead be explored in other mediums such as comics and novels. The end of Andromeda teased a storyline that could possibly be made as DLC, but it looks like that will not happen. Multiplayer will continue to be updated with more characters and content.

It’s unfortunate, but we all have seen the writing on the wall. Bioware Montreal has been scaled down from a full production house to a supporting studio again, with many employees absorbed into EA Motive, another Montreal-based studio.

In any case, it’s appreciated that they tried to fix as much as they could for the game. Let’s hope their upcoming new title Anthem won’t suffer the same fate.