Next Overwatch Patch Balances McCree and Widowmaker, Details Here

As expected, the next Overwatch patch will balance out McCree, the cowboy that is very effective in not only taking down nimble, low HP heroes, but also high-HP tanks with ease. What we did not expected was Widowmaker, the sniper lady that has a high skill ceiling- if you’re good in FPS sniping you’re really good with her- will be also be adjusted in this patch as well. Though, there were talks of her being looked at, but not as talked about outside the forums.

Anyway, as detailed in the forum post, McCree has his Fan The Hammer ability toned down in damage, but has his animation delay before reloading decreased. As for Widow, body shots with her sniper rifle form gets a decrease whilst headshot damage is adjusted to be of the same damage, making headshots still rewarding. Her ultimate gets a 10% increase in cost- slowing her ability to dish out the wallhack ult by a bit, and a delay to enter scope mode just after unscoping is added.

The patch, which also includes some bug fixes is now rolling out on PC, whereas the consoles will have them in a larger patch coming later.

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