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Next Euro Truck Simulator 2 DLC Adds More Trucking Roads To Cover Romania, Bulgaria And Turkey


Trucking sim Euro Truck Simulator 2 has slowly been expanding its landmass of roads to travel across the European region. In various DLCs, it has added a huge chunk of Central Europe, the Scandinavian regions, expanded fully on France and Italy and more recently, up north near the Balkan Sea.

The next DLC for ETS 2 goes down south this time to reach another body of water. The Road To The Balkan Sea will be adding cities and roadway covering the nations of Romania, Bulgaria and the European parts of Turkey. These include roads through the forest of Transylvania (hopefully no vampires there), the city of Istanbul and coastlines of the Black Sea.

Judging from the few screenshots released, the new forests are a major change of scenery from what we’ve seen so far in the base game’s map. This should make for more exciting driving hauling cargo around the continent.

There is no specific release date yet or Euro Truck Simulator 2’s Road To The Black Sea DLC, but it is definitely slated for release this year on PC (Steam).

Source: SCS Software