Euro Truck Simulator 2’s Next DLC Expands Eastward Beyond The Baltic Sea

Keep On Trucking

Euro Truck Simulator 2, the cross-country truck driving simulator, still has more mileage after all these years. Another map expansion is set to be added as DLC.

The game started out with map covering Central Europe- Germany and its surrounding neighbours plus England and Scotland. There has been expansions that extends the map eastward to Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, then moving north covering more areas of the Scandinavian countries, and recently a more thorough coverage of France and Italy, which is covered partly in the base game but now expanded to its full, condensed  form.

So, where’s the next map expansion? Euro Truck Simulator 2 is going east! Again! The Beyond The Baltic Sea (working title) DLC focuses on the areas where the titular sea is surrounded. So Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia is covered. Also, part of southern Finland and parts of Russia, the eastern side where St. Petersburg is situated as well as the one enclave sitting in between Lithuania and Poland, is included.

Here is the map of Euro Truck Simulator 2, with the upcoming DLC locations highlighted.

Thanks to the diverse countries being featured, expect some big variety on the roadside as you cruise and carry your haul around the Baltic Sea countries.

No estimation on when it will drop and if there is any restrictions on buying the DLC, given the landmass connecting this to the base game’s map requires another DLC, though a ferry trip could solve this issue.

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